Organic Einka® (Einkorn) Flour


Einka® is a trademark for Bluebird Grain Farm’s Einkorn wheat products.  Our Einka® flour is a beautiful light, airy, ancient-grain flour. This lovely whole grain flour is high in protein and packed with essential vitamins and trace minerals and performs beautifully in cookies, cakes, muffins, and other quick bread recipes.  Its low gluten properties make it easy to digest and beloved by those suffering from gluten sensitivities.



Einka® is a trademark for Bluebird Grain Farm’s ancient grain Einkorn wheat products. Our fresh milled Einka® flour is light, soft and airy flour with a delicate sweetness; a whole grain pastry flour with ancient grain appeal.  It is high in protein (18% per 50 g) and comes with a simple gluten structure  which makes it a wonderful alternative for people suffering from gluten sensitivities. It is milled fresh to order for optimum flavor, freshness and nutrition. If you are new to baking with ancient grains you will love this flour.

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