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Bluebird Grain Farms in Winthrop, WA is seeking a full-time (40 hrs per week) Granary Operator/Millwright

Bluebird Grain Farms is a certified organic “plow to plate” grain producer located in Winthrop, Washington.  We specialize in the production and contracting of ancient grains such as Emmer Farro and Einkorn Farro, and also heritage wheat and rye. We clean, mill, and package products in our granary for both retail, CSA, wholesale, and distributor markets. Join our dynamic growing team and farm business.  

The position is open until filled. Please submit a simple 3 to 5-minute video of yourself (phone quality is fine) that includes: an introduction (tell us about yourself),  why you are interested in the job, what are your employment goals,  and why you are a good fit for this position.  If you don’t have access to a phone please write an email addressing these questions.  Please email your video along with a resume that should include:  your most recent work experience, contact information, and two references from your recent work experiences. 

Email video and resume to  Subject: Employment.  We will confirm that we received your email within 24 hours.

Serious inquiries only; candidates looking for a long-term, stable work environment need only apply.  This job requires a minimum of 6 months of training before operating at the job’s capacity, individuals seeking full-time employment who are committed to a stable and growing work environment will have priority. 

I. Position Description

The Granary Operator/Millwright is responsible for running Bluebird’s grain cleaning machinery, hammer mill, and other processing equipment to ensure a supply of top-quality whole grains, flour, and Bluebird custom mixes to fill weekly retail, wholesale, and distributor orders. This entails cleaning, weighing, packaging, and shipping Bluebird products in 25-pound quantities. 

The ideal candidate must have mechanical experience (informal is ok) with an eye for quality, the ability to multitask and prioritize during busy times, and the ability to perform physically demanding repetitive tasks for several hours at a time.  We are looking for a motivated individual who is looking for long-term employment on a growing team. This position will start as full-time with some flexibility in work hours.

Duties Include:

  • Perform scheduled maintenance and repairs on machinery
  • Coordinate with the other granary operator/millwright and the operations manager to understand the weekly work plan for filling bulk orders.
  •  Coordinate with packaging room staff to ensure they have a supply of bulk grains and flour to fill weekly retail orders.
  • Operate and repair machinery including tractor with forklift attachment, hammer mill, bulk product mixer, huller, fanning mill, gravity deck, and manual bag sewing machine.
  •  Fill 25 pound retail bags with Bluebird products, both manually and with an automated scale.
  •  Load pallets onto freight trucks; assist with shipping UPS and US Mail orders.
  • Perform weekly cleanout of granary building and machinery; maintain general cleanliness and organization of facility.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings
  • Work collectively with other team members to help fill and ship orders.

II. Required Attributes:

  1. Granary Operators must possess a working cell phone, and have the ability to use text messaging apps.
  2. Ability to troubleshoot and repair (or coordinate the repair of) granary equipment such as hammer mill, bulk product mixer, huller, fanning mill, gravity deck, and manual bag sewing machine.
  3. Arrive on-time and consistently to all scheduled shifts and work efficiently with minimal supervision.
  4. Ability to lift between 25 and 50 pounds repeatedly; ability to work in a standing position for extended periods of time.
  5. Ability to stay focused and work efficiently while performing repetitive, physically demanding tasks.
  6. Previous tractor experience is highly desired, but we will train the right candidate on these skills.
  7. Good personal hygiene is required. 
  8. No tobacco or smoking or any drug or alcohol use is permitted on the granary premises.
  9. Respectful attitude towards owners and other employees and a positive attitude toward Bluebird Grain Farms in the greater community. 
  10. Honesty at all times, including acknowledgment of mistakes.
  11. Must be a team player, willing to work with and support other employees. 
  12. Must hold a current driver’s license.

III. Compensation and Schedule

  1. The position is open until filled and starts as soon as possible. Compensation starts at $20-24 per hour, DOE, with strong potential for wage growth for the right candidate. 
  2. 15 pounds/month allowance of bulk Bluebird products for personal use, plus the option to purchase retail products at wholesale price.
  3. Scheduling flexibility: The position starts at approximately 40 hours/week, and the weekly schedule will vary between 32-40 hours per week.
  4. After 90 days of successful employment, the candidate will receive 5 paid vacation days/ per year that will renew at their annual date of hire. 
  5. Sick leave and Paid Family Leave will accumulate with hours worked per Washington State Law. 

IV. Other Information

  1. Position starts with a 3 month trial period; after successful completion of three months work experience, if the employee/employer agrees to continue with the employee will be given a pay raise. 
  2. You may be asked to use your personal vehicle for work duties (local deliveries and transportation to and from Bluebird’s fields). Bluebird will compensate you for any business use of your vehicle.
  3. Candidates will go through a full background check prior to hiring.