Organic Dark Northern Rye Berries and Flour

Our organic northern-grown, fall rye is a sweet and plump whole grain berry with superb rye flavor. When cooked as a whole berry, it makes an excellent addition to soups and grain salads. The flour is milled fresh from the whole grain, the germ and bran are not removed, which makes our flour ideal for traditional rye breads (pumpernickel) pretzels, and sourdough artisan breads.

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  • OldWorldCeralBlend_Raw.jpg; Organic Ancient Grain Cereal

    Organic Old World Cereal Blend

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  • Flour Sampler, Flour Gift Item, Bluebird Gift, Bluebird Sampler

    Bluebird Flour Sampler Gift Box

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  • Bluebird Flour Sampler

    Bluebird Flour Sampler -Try 5 of Bluebird’s Whole Grain Flours

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  • Cracked-Rye_Raw.jpg; Organic Cracked Rye; Heritage Grain

    Organic Heritage Cracked Rye

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  • RyeBerries_Raw.jpg; Organic Rye

    Organic Heritage Rye Berries

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  • RyeFlour_Raw.jpg; Organic Rye Flour

    Organic Rye Flour

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