Bluebird Grain Farms

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Being a certified organic regenerative grain farm means we work with nature each step of the way.

At Bluebird Grain Farms our goal is to cultivate and mill the most irresistible, nutrient-rich ancient grains we can while leaving this land healthier for the next generation.

In 2004 we started Bluebird Grain Farms as a husband and wife team because we could not find locally grown organic grains in the Pacific Northwest. We started by growing and selecting our own ancient grain seed sock, cultivating and harvesting our grains, and processing them to order, farm-direct to provide you the freshest highest quality grain money can buy. For our family and staff, great taste, real nutrition, and a thriving countryside go hand in hand—you simply don’t get one without the others.

Moving toward the future, Bluebird’s founding principles in soil health, nutrition, and agroecology are expanded beyond the Methow Valley as we partner with like-minded “tried and true” organic grain farmers who share our founding principles of growing food for soil health and optimal nutrition. As we build regional farmer partnerships and expand our network of certified organic growers our commitment to the land and our customers only gets stronger.

Living soil best propagates life.

living-soil-best-propogates-lifeBy keeping our fields nutritionally balanced and teeming with beneficial microbes, we reap highly nutritious grains. That means feeding, resting, and otherwise caring for each and every inch of earth naturally, without compromise.

What-We-PlantPlanting and harvest

Our grains are grown in rich soils sweetened with additional organic amendments right here in the northwestern United States. We use cover crops to build organic matter and protect our soil from erosion. Our tillage and planting are timed for optimum seed germination and natural weed control.  And after harvest, we incorporate our grain straw back into the soil that it came from.


Always Whole Grain, Never Pearled

Bluebird Emmer and Einkorn is de-hulled to order, never pearled, for optimum storage, nutrition and flavor.  Farro is an Italian term for ancient hulled wheat. Farro sold in the USA is often pearled, meaning its outer husk is shaved off,  which removes the germ and the bran-the nutrient bank of essential vitamins and minerals.  Shaving off the outer layer of the grain exposes the inner “meat” of the grain to air.  Oxidation occurs and the nutrients begin to break down, leaving the grain susceptible to going rancid.   Pearling grains can be a  much quicker, easier, way to process ancient wheat for human consumption.  It also reduces the cooking time.  The downside is that it compromises the nutritional value and stability of the grain.

At Bluebird we go to great lengths to grow our Emmer and Einkorn, organically;  why shave off the nutrients that we work so hard to produce?  In keeping with our mission, we have developed a de-hulling and cleaning process that removes the hull from the grain while keeping it a  living, whole seed.  We want to preserve the inherent qualities of our ancient wheat to deliver the highest nutrient-dense foods to our customers.  The photo in the upper right exhibits the deep rich color of our whole grain emmer farro (left), compared to a brand-name imported pearled farro with the bran and germ removed (right).

Milled to order

Our grains are cleaned and milled to order each week in small batches so you get the freshest product available.  It’s a difference you’ll taste in every bite of the pasta, bread, sweets, and other foods you make with Bluebird Grain Farm products.


Bluebird Grain Farms is located at 19611 Highway 20, Winthrop Washington 98862.  Our grain processing facility is located at the edge of our famland between Winthrop and Twisp.