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Bluebird Grain Farms Team

Here we are already in the swift current of 2024, thankfully still afloat- paddling to keep the canoe balanced and paddles synced. The river is flowing.  Bluebird spent the majority of 2023- AHEAD, the nautical term for, forward, full steam ahead.  We got established in our new building, worked on our new systems, learned about our equipment, and re-evaluated the not-so-simple task of cost of goods (thank you crewmate Janice). 

Bluebird Grain Farms New Facility

New space, new cleaning line, new public interface, new packaging- we had a lot to work through.  Sam and Brooke underestimated the time it would take to get re-adjusted in our new location. We came into last year on beam ends, canoe tipped on its side.  

Our stellar crew was critical in getting through 2023, they helped us get back in the flow. We are grateful for our employees who show up every day to paddle the boat.  The support from our community and organizations such as The Methow Conservancy helped us with local tours and open houses and helped us get the word out regarding our new location- thank you to their volunteers (that’s you Keith) and staff (Sarah, Bridger, Ashley).

Partnering with Friends of the Winthrop Library to bring David Montgomery and Anne Biklé to the Methow Valley was a  highlight for 2023.  With over 100 community members present, they shared their knowledge and passion for organic regenerative agriculture and why it matters. A big shout out to Craig Seasholes for his steadfast support in making this happen. Fingers crossed that their presentation inspired decision-makers to see the “agricultural potential” that the Methow Valley holds.

Sam and David Montgomery discuss Organic Regenerative Agriculture
Sam Lucy and David Montgomery discuss the benefits of Organic Regenerative Agriculture
Bluebird Grain Farms New Packaging
Brooke Lucy shows Bluebird’s new packaging

The autumn winds brought our much-anticipated new packaging, a culmination of years of design and implementation for 100% recyclable bags. Backpaddle- a sudden engineering issue emerged, causing some serious inconvenience. Buoyed by the promise of our supplier to rectify the situation, we navigate this challenge with optimism, actively working towards a solution. Let’s hear it for good relationships!

As we set our course for 2024, our compass points toward the horizon. We hope to continue to be your choice for premium, organic whole grains, flours, and dry product blends. We look forward to forging new connections and exploring fresh possibilities. Our motto this year: Flow 2024.