Bluebird CSA

Support Community Agriculture

Your participation in our CSA program supports our mission of preserving and cultivating organic ancient grains.

Enjoy the finest organic whole grains, freshly milled flours, and dry product blends at savings when you join our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

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Invest in the future of food and help us create a resilient farm system.

By purchasing our products in advance through the CSA model, you help us focus on what we do best: growing and milling nutrient-dense grains, processing grains fresh to order, and delivering the highest quality grain product to you.

What is CSA?

CSA means Community Supported Agriculture: it was the original food subscription before anyone called them that!

CSA programs are one of the most powerful tools for building a local, equitable, and resilient food system. CSA subscriptions allow growers like Bluebird to focus on land stewardship while maintaining a productive and profitable farm business. Selling directly to the consumer also allows us to deliver our product more efficiently, since we sell in bulk and can plan ahead.

Benefits to us mean benefits to you.

CSAs and subscriptions give us a better margin on our hard-earned product and help us to pay (upfront) for operating expenses without having to borrow cash.  In turn, you get to enjoy these exclusive subscriber benefits:

  • Highest quality grain products reserved for you, guaranteed.
  • Direct priority access to all of our products. CSA members are our first priority, since you have paid in advance for your product.
  • All CSA subscription packages are milled and cleaned to order so that you get your monthly delivery in its freshest possible state.
  • 15% average savings on Bluebird Grain Farm Products
  • Choose between ANY Bluebird Products each month for shipping around the 15th of every month.
  • Free recipe booklet
  • Special promotions and free samples for new Bluebird products.
  • Free shipping!

Experience our nutritious organic grains and connect with our farm throughout the year.

Become a Bluebird CSA member!

Our CSA packages

Simple Share

Perfect for households with one to two people. Each month choose from a selection of any 3 Bluebird Grain Farm 1-2 lb. products.

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Run of the Mill Share

Choose from a selection of any 5 Bluebird Grain Farm 1-2 lb. products, to receive up to 10 lbs. of Bluebird products per month.

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Family Share

For families who need greater quantities. Receive up to 20 lbs. of Bluebird product, choosing any 4 items in our 4-5 lb. packaging.

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What comes in our CSA subscriptions?

Emmer field, emmer farro, emmer harvest, ancient grains, ancient wheat, Methow Valley Organic Farming

Our CSA shares guarantee between 4 and 6 months of monthly bulk deliveries of our products. You can select your preferred option upon sign-up in our shop. Different from a basic monthly recurring subscription (which we also support, if that’s your preference!), your subscription cost will be paid up-front. After that, you will be able to adjust your delivery frequency, product choices, delivery address, and more in your account. Monthly deliveries may also be postponed or shipped as a gift.


  • What is a CSA? 

    CSA stands for community support agriculture. Our Bluebird CSA consists of a community of individuals who purchase a monthly “grain share” ranging from 4 to 6 months in advance. We offer local pick-up or we ship to your door via UPS or USPS. Each month you will get an email reminder to select the products you would like in that month’s box, which you can easily do in your Bluebird Grain Farms account. You can pick from any of our 1 or 2 lb packages and our 4 and 5 lb packages. Save an average of 15% on all products. Your pledge allows us to cover our anticipated costs and shipments ahead of time. In return the consumer receives a discount for purchasing in “bulk” and committing to a monthly scheduled delivery.

  • If I join the CSA program and decide I do not need a shipment in a particular month, may I cancel that month?  If so, how?

    Yes, you can postpone your CSA or choose to gift your CSA to another individual. You can also schedule a delivery for every other month if you find a monthly delivery is too much. For us, the important piece is that we know what to anticipate so that we can make our milling schedule and deliveries as consistent as possible.

  • If I join the CSA program but reconsider and want to cancel, what is your refund policy?

    Because of the nature of the CSA program, where we plan our monthly volumes based on pre-purchased shares, we can only offer refunds on your CSA order prior to the start of your subscription. Once your first CSA has been shipped (we ship around the 15th of each month), you will not be able to cancel or receive a refund for  your CSA purchase. If you purchase a CSA Share and fail to respond to our emails, update your monthly order, or use your CSA for more than 18 months after your purchase, your CSA will be canceled and your order will not be refunded.

Ready to enjoy the best of Bluebird
delivered to your door?

What could be better than hot cereal, pancakes, waffles, quiches, biscuits, scones, and muffins for breakfast? Try whole-grain salads, bread, risottos, polenta, pilaf, and fresh pasta for lunch and dinner… And don’t forget pies, cookies, cakes, brownies, and pudding for dessert! The options are endless with our products. Enjoy the freshest, most nutrient-dense products delivered to your door, each month.

Run of the Mill CSA Share- 4 to 6 monthly deliveries

Simple CSA Share- 4 to 6 monthly deliveries

Family Share CSA- 4 or 6 monthly deliveries