The Bluebird Team

Making great food available to family, friends, and community.

Meet Our Founders

Brooke and Sam Lucy met while walking their dogs on a Methow Valley road years ago, within sight of the scenic spot where the Bluebird granary eventually started operations. Bluebird is a family business that was started in 2005. Brooke and Sam saw a niche for growing and processing ancient grains. Now, Emmer, Einkorn and Spelt have become their signature grains, and Brooke and Sam have set the gold standard for nutrient-dense whole grains, freshly milled flour, and dry product blends.

Bluebird Grain Farms has expanded to a state-of-the-art processing facility in Winthrop and works with two other organic farms to help provide a consistent supply of top quality, nutritious grains for a growing customer base.

Sam Lucy

Farm & Processing Systems

Sam co-founded Bluebird in 2005 after farming here in the Methow Valley for the previous 12 years. He became a certified organic grain grower in 2000. Sam still enjoys the two cornerstones of the business: farming and custom milling, but he has grown to enjoy customer relations as well, since there are so many great customers! When not working Sam loves spending time with his daughters, friends, and other family. He loves to read, write, bike, hike, ski, and hunt with his Labs. And EAT!

Brooke Lucy

Marketing, Sales, Product Development

The best food comes in simple forms. Brooke believes that people deserve access to pure, clean food. She takes pride in growing and offering organic ancient grain products that require minimal water and high nutritional value.  Brooke loves her work in an entrepreneurial environment and bringing nutritious, farm direct grains to the marketplace. When not at work Brooke enjoys cooking, adventuring in the North Cascade Mountains, and spending time with her family and friends.

Meet Our Staff

CJ Anderson Headshot


Accounting & Receivables

CJ moved to the Valley in 1990 to raise her family and met Brooke and Sam soon after. She started working part-time at Bluebird in 2007. Fast forward 15 years, and CJ is still here, now part of a much larger (and she says, fantastic) crew! CJ enjoys gardening, skiing, biking, and simply sharing time with her family and all of their dogs.

Janice Headshot


Financial Analyst

Janice started working for Bluebird in August 2021. She has loved it from the first day she joined; the Bluebird team works together like none other to deliver delicious, nutritious food in a timely manner to customers across the country. Janice enjoys the hiking, biking, and skiing that surrounds the Methow Valley.

Tiffany Scott Headshot


Sales & Customer service

Tiffany began working at Bluebird in May 2014. She enjoys getting to work with the great Bluebird Team. When not working, Tiffany can be found working her horses or traveling to rodeos with her daughter.

Leslie-Customer service


Sales & Customer Service

Leslie started at Bluebird in April 2023. Her previous experience has been in Nordic Skiing, first as an US Olympic competitor and then as a coach, most recently helping run the Methow Valley Nordic Team. Now she is happy to have time to garden, hike, and bake with wonderful Bluebird flours while spreading the word about the great products.

Konrad-Packaging Room Manager


Packaging Room Manager

Konrad manages and supports staff the packaging room.  He fulfills and ships your orders. When not at work, he enjoys video games, volunteering in the community, and cooking lemon bars for the Bluebird team.

Caleb-Packing Room Assistant 2


Packaging Room Assistant

Caleb started at Bluebird in November 2022, already familiar with the products because he often stocked shelves at his grandfather’s grocery store (Hank’s Harvest Foods, Twisp). He enjoys sharing knowledge with customers and is the happy face greeting facility visitors. Caleb enjoys working on his car, attending car meets, and fly fishing.

Steve-Processing Room Manager


Processing Manager

Steve started at Bluebird in June 2020. He was raised in North Idaho but has called Methow Valley home for over 25 years. Steve loves the opportunity at Bluebird to learn something new every day. He cleans grain, bags it, builds pallets, ships and receives product, and manages inventory. Steve enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, hunting, and camping.



Processing Assistant

Dan started at Bluebird in December 2021. He spent years working as a mechanic, including twenty years in the US Air Force. After retirement, he settled permanently in the Methow Valley. Dan enjoys the camaraderie of the Bluebird crew and seeing the process through from field to flour. He enjoys making his own sausage, hunting, fishing  and spending time with his family.

Western Blue Bird

A Symbol of Health

Bluebirds appear in the Methow Valley during spring when it’s time to plant our crops. They stay for the growing season and take off around harvest time.

For us, bluebirds are a reminder that every single thing we do as farmers is connected to—and impacts—the environment at large. We believe that nutritious food produced from nature is the cornerstone of a healthy community. And we take pride in making great food available to our friends, our neighbors, and you.