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Organic farming and grain production is our identity.

Our Standards

We believe the true premise of organic farming is to raise nutritious crops while leaving the soil and countryside in better shape for the future generations.

Organic Farming

While we have met all the baseline requirements for organic certification, we also understand that federal organic guidelines are not as stringent as many organic growers and consumers would like. USDA Organic standards have been weakened due to the large corporations involved in organic marketing.

The best remedy is for folks to know the farmer that they buy from and their practices. This is the beauty of shopping farm direct.  When you know who you are buying from, you know if the principles and practices of that farmer meet your needs. If knowing the farmer is a stretch due to your location, we encourage folks to research the farm’s practices; this will tell you how much the farm values healthy soil and nutrient-dense food.

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Einkorn, Einkorn field, ancient grains, ancient wheat, Methow Valley Organic Farming

All of our grain is 100% certified organic, which prohibits the use of genetically modified varieties. Genetically modified wheat has not been approved by the USDA and is not allowed to be grown in Washington State by private producers. When products are labeled organic, therefore, it is a strong guarantee that there are no GMOs in the product. All of our products are 100% certified organic through WSDA, 100% Certified Kosher, and our farm is a Salmon Safe Certified Farm.  Along with our  farm partners we are also actively working on our Organic Regenerative Certification through Regenified.

NO grains other than what we and our partners produce are processed in our facilities so there is also no concern for cross contamination from other GMO crops like corn and soy in any of our products. Many of our customers are also committed to avoiding all GMO/Roundup (glyphosate) grains. As we are 100% certified organic producer and processor, we can assure you that absolutely NO glyphosate (or any harmful chemicals) is used in any of our production or processing. Our organic farmland has been certified organic for over two decades, we are confident that you will not find harmful chemical residues on any of our grains.

We lack GMO Project certification since Organic Certification precludes GMO crop usage. As a small farm, fiscal prudence is crucial. Though we’re willing to go to great lengths to demonstrate our ethics and value, we prioritize informing consumers about our wheat production and processing methods. Hence, the value of this website!

Health of Grain

Grain transfer, Bluebird Grain Farms Granary, grain processing facility, Methow Valley, quality control

Bluebird millwright examining grain as it comes from the field and is put into our silos.

Our customers who have researched their grains carefully may have read claims that all grains have mycotoxins in them. While this is not our area of expertise, we do know that moisture content needs to be low particularly in organic grains so they can store well and not produce molds. Our grains are always sun cured in the field, harvested and stored below a 10% moisture level to reduce the risk of molds.  As is usually the case, if you purchase grains directly from farms like ours, you can always inquire about where the grains come from and how long they have been stored – and we will be able to give you the answer.

Our Organic Farm and Product Certifications