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In episode 6, Deputy Don and Farmer Sam discuss how harvesting, storage, and the processing of ancient wheat profoundly impact the quality and flavor. Join them as they uncover the nuances behind processing emmer wheat. Get ready to deepen your understanding and appreciation for the journey from field to table, and the great lengths that Bluebird Grain Farms has gone so they can deliver you nutritious  organic food. 

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Don at our local K Root radio talked to Sam and Blaine about regenerative farming and how we are growing superior grains using these ecological principles.

If you’ve never listened to our podcasts, we have four previous episodes on PodBean, perfect for a relaxed weekend listen. Click the embed below to listen to the episode and browse our previous podcasts.

Sam Lucy of Bluebird Grain Farms is one of the original farmers to grow and process organic Emmer and Einkorn Seed in the country for food production. Over the past 25 years, Sam has learned the intricacies of planting and growing these two ancient varieties of wheat. Listen to what Sam has to say about their unique characteristics, growth habits, and how soil conditions can play an important role in growing and harvesting, and processing these grains.