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The gray and withered countryside of November has given way to a brittle and whitened landscape in these Rendezvous foothills, with sharp, cold Cascade peaks beyond. Perfect for the Winter Solstice here, just 30 miles south of ‘ole Canada… And as the snows begin, we are heartened by the fact that sleigh-bells, indeed, will ring!

Finches, chickadees and nuthatches frequent the feeder, while barred and great horned owls can be heard at dusk with sawets during the day. We’ve had 3-4 coyotes hanging about perusing for possible tid-bits and reminding us that meals are a bit harder to come by for many when temps drop below O. It is this time of year when the deer and quail and other creatures likely appreciate the grain tailings we scatter down along the lower field the most. Small offerings for the season…

The Bluebird granary has been abuzz with holiday orders and even more so with our year-round local wholesale accounts here, and our distributor accounts elsewhere. Scheduling has been tight, but thanks to all the good help here we’ve been able to maintain a timely flow for most all orders and appreciate that our customers understand the solitary week of the year Bluebird shuts down; Christmas thru New Years.

Often I’ve felt that the silence of winter solstice is the perfect silence. When one stands outside at twilight and hears only the owls, or perhaps a tree crack or, on occasion the sound – “of easy wind and downy flake”- one might think of perfection.  As I’ve come to learn through a fortunate life spent largely in the wild, and 25 years farming in the wild, only Nature is perfect – as good or terrible as we may perceive her at any given time.

While we are not nearly as efficient at Bluebird as Mother Nature is, we do try to deliver our goods in a proficient manner. This time of year this includes having to meet freight trucks almost 3 miles away. And one thing we also have come to realize is there is a certain amount of proficiency in knowing what we grow and having partners that know what they grow as well because in turn, this helps us better know how to finish and mill our grains. Bluebird’s ‘reputation has been built on knowing our grains from plow to plate and this standard is the one we will continue to keep. After 12 years now, we realize this not only is what still feels good to us, but is what our customers most like! So…

First, I want to thank all you loyal customers for another successful year for Bluebird. Secondly, I want to thank all our staff for delivering such a great product to all of you. I have no idea where 2017 will lead us, but I can say that we will stay as true to our mission as we’ve always been: Delivering organically grown fresh milled, high quality grains and flours from our farm directly to you. It is a circle we will try our best to keep unbroken.

Please circle round during these holidays, and think and give peace. To this wonderful land that sustains us. To each other; both past and present souls that also sustain us.

This Christmas I feel grateful to my mother’s cousin Oakley Goodner and my mother’s brother ” Uncle H. ” Thorne  for being such wonderful people and great influences in my life. As well, remembrance goes out to my “second mother” of sorts, Janet Nagy and  her great wit, humility, and beautiful, knowing smile. We also send blessings to Scott, Amber and Jade Grant and think of them during their first Christmas without mother Darlene. We love you all and none will ever be forgotten.

As for the rest of you? See you next year, by Christ!


Yours, Farmer Sam