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Chickadees and finches have returned to the backyard bringing along their cheer through a week or more of intermittent “ice fog”, that has layered the Rendezvous as we nudge up against Winter Solstice.  As I jot these notes, talk is of the first real storm of the season?  Bringing our first substantial snow and hopefully not too much rain.  Timely, indeed. We all will welcome the fresh and quiet of white to sanctify the season.  As well, December is one of our biggest precipitation months here in the arid West so we appreciate any moisture.

Here at the granary, the little elves have been staying busy with many of your holiday orders, while our distributors bulk up for the season of merry eating.  The usual freight challenges also come with the season up here, but as far as I know, we’ve not missed an order to date, and I have our great staff here to thank for this.

It continues to impress me how much product we’ve cranked out of our funky, little operation up here in the foothills of the North Cascades.  Many of you may have heard rumors of us trying to get a new facility going elsewhere and to be sure this is heavy in planning. Yet going into our 15th year, we’ve made it work from here – crazy as it is at times.  And this in part is due to the dedication of many of you for this entire time. Thank you.

One of the many things Brooke organizes each year is our employee Christmas party.  For the second year, we were treated by our good friend John at Tappi to a glut of wood-fired food and perhaps Italian vino at his wonderful establishment in Twisp.  Our crew is most deserving and I enjoyed being able to kick back with all of them and NOT think about work!

The holidays are can be a  complicated time for many.  It is unfortunate but even though we needn’t more reminders of those less-fortunate, this season often can further bring this fact to light.  As we head into the new year encourage everyone to do something nice not only for those you love but perhaps for someone you know in dire need as well. Rejoicing in the spirit of Christmas, after all, is peace on earth.  It is our responsibility to see to this peace.  To be sure, we’ve plenty of work ahead of us.  So, as the dark days bring us soft snow, flitting birds and quiet nights, in this responsibility of peace on earth, let us join together.

Yours, Farmer Sam