Bluebird Grain Farms

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Q: Are your grain Genetically Modified Grains (GMO)?

A: Absolutely not.  All of our grain is 100% certified organic, which prohibits the use of genetically modified varieties. Genetically modified wheat has not been approved by the USDA and is not allowed to be grown in Washington State by private producers. We do not process ANY other grains other than what we produce in our processing facility so their is no concern for cross contamination in any of our products.

Q: Why are you not GMO project verified? 

A:  The issue we face is that GMO project labeling is very expensive. We are a very small farm and need to spend our money wisely.   We believe the most important piece of information for the consumer to know is how wheat products are produced and processed.  All of our products are 100% certified organic (which prohibits the use of any GMO varieties) and certified as Salmon Safe.  We do not process any other grains other than what we grow on our farm so there is very little concern for cross contamination from other GMO crops like corn and soy.  When products are labeled organic, it is a strong guarantee that there are no GMOs in the product. The USDA organics program does not permit GMOs in their program.

Q: I’ve been researching grains and discovered that “some” are claiming grains have micro toxins in them. Do all grains have them or just grains that have been in storage? When you harvest your grains how long do they actually sit before you ship them out? Is it best to ask when someone purchases grains from you if there is a date of some sort?

A: I do not know much about the specifics of micro toxins in grains. I do know that moisture content needs to be low particularly in organic grains so they can store well and not produce molds. We use wooden silos to condition and store our grains to ensure it is always below 12% moisture. If you are not purchasing grains direct from the farm it will virtually be impossible to know where the grains come from and how long they have been stored. Conventional grains are fumigated bi-weekly to prevent molds (I imagine this is not micro toxin in grains but rather macro toxin!)