July News and Annoucements

News & Announcements

We had a visit from customer John Platt, chef and owner of Seattle based St. Clouds Restaurant. John graciously prepared a meal for us.  He grilled fresh salmon and topped it with sweet cherries.  The fish was served with Einka salad tossed with fresh peas and figs and dressed in a creme fraiche honey dressing. Beautiful meal, thank you John and family!

I spent an afternoon with writer Ryan Bell who is doing some very interesting work on a Fulbright fellowship through National Geographic. He soon will be travelling back to Russia to report on Comrade Cowboys, a project that is documenting the ranching cultures of Russia and Kazakhstan.  In the meantime he is covering food for the National Geographic Blog and was interested at learning more about our farm.

We are gearing up for our Farm to Table Paella Feast to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in partnership with Twisp works. Farro paella will be served over wood fire pits. Guest chef and James Beard Award Winner John Sundstrom of Lark Restaurant,  will be Seattle firing up his own farro paella dish for you to try. The rest of the celebratory farm to table meal will be designed by Cameron Green Catering, featuring many Methow Made food and beverage products. Tickets are sold via brown paper tickets: $40 for 13 and older / $20 for kids 12 and under / ages 2 and under are free.   Proceeds for the event will go to the Methow Made program. To purchase a ticket click here.  Prices will increase August 16th. Please consider joining us, bring the whole family.

Saturday September 5th we will host a granary tour from 10-noon.  The tour is free, it starts at 10 sharp and lasts about 1/2 hour. Please RSVP brooke@bluebirdgrainfarms.com if you would like to tour our granary and see our milling and cleaning operation.

Rye harvest has officially come and gone. It took Sam longer to move his combine than to harvest our Rye. Thankfully the weather has cooperated and now our heritage rye berries safely sit in our silo ready to be sold to you! The photos below indicate the amazing transformation that grains go through when curing in just one months time.


Standing in the rye, June, 15 2015


IMG_20150721_114433 (1)

Harvesting Rye, July 20, 2015