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You will see our NEW packaging rolling out this week. All of our 2 lb., 4 lb. and 5 lb. packages will start showing up on the shelves with our beautiful bright new packaging and color schemes (which correlate with the variety of grains). Einkorn- Orange, Emmer- Yellow…. you get the point. We have also modified sizes: all flour and grain blends are now in 2lb. or 4 lb. ( no more 4.5 lb). All whole grains come in 5lb. and 25lb. sizes. And totes if you are really hungry!

Caleb and I had fun attending the UNFI Winter Show in Vegas last week where our whole grains were a ray of sunshine amidst a sea of protein bars, seaweed corn puffs, and instant meals. While it’s a bit perplexing to see how the natural food industry sometimes portrays health food, we’re super excited to be connecting with grocery buyers in the West. And kudos to those buyers who recognized the unique attributes of our vertically integrated brand AND those who purchased our product because it actually is a whole food. This dynamic is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of navigating the natural food industry. What drives sales in this industry? Snack food, argh! Don’t get me wrong I loved eating the crispy seaweed puffs but the health of our (national) food system is a growing issue. Literally. There is so much work to do to improve the health of soil, food and access to those who need it most. If you happen to be a grocery buyer and value true whole foods, don’t hesitate to give us a shout AND if you are hankering for our products in your local grocery store PLEASE let the store buyer know. It takes a village to get real food to the people and I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that you advocate to your local food buyer.

Speaking of soil health! We are partnering with friends of Friends of Winthrop Library to bring David Montgomery and Anne Bikle’ to the Winthrop Barn on October 21st for a lecture and discussion about how to heal our land and reclaim our health. Please note, due to popular demand the location has moved from the Winthrop Library to the Winthrop Barn.

What Your Food Ate takes evidence from recent and forgotten science to illustrate how the health of the soil nourishes crops, livestock, and ultimately us.  Join us as we delve into the book and collectively share insights on the profound connection between soil health and human well-being.

Reserve your seats with Eventbrite link:

Zoom available for remote viewing. Email for access.

On October 22nd from 10:30 to Noon Bluebird will host a informal walk and talk in the field with David and Anne at our farm in Winthrop. Please RSVP to if you would like to attend the farm walk.