Bluebird Grain Farms

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Whole Day for Whole Grains

Bluebird Grain Farms joined in the Whole Grains Day event on March 27th, organized by the Whole Grains Council. This global celebration aims to encourage people to enjoy whole grains in various ways. We shared over 200 lbs. of our tasty whole grain samples with different businesses and institutions across the country. We were excited to share our Spelt, Emmer, and Einkorn with Washington State University.

Martha Flores, the health and wellness coordinator at WSU, shared her thoughts and experiences with us. She thanked us for supporting their “Grain Week” vision and mentioned how students enjoyed trying out different grains. They even played a game called “Guess the Grain” and were excited to take home samples to incorporate into their meals. Martha noted that students were particularly thrilled to learn that these grains were locally grown in Washington. We’re delighted to have been a part of such a positive and educational experience!

Salmon Safe Certification

Bluebird Grain Farms has just renewed our Salmon Safe Certification. This certification signifies our commitment to environmentally sustainable farming practices. Salmon Safe is a program that promotes habitat protection and restoration to ensure the health and vitality of Pacific Northwest watersheds. By adhering to Salmon Safe standards, we’re not only safeguarding water quality but also preserving vital habitats for salmon and other wildlife. This certification underscores our dedication to responsible agriculture and our role in protecting the delicate ecosystems that surround our farms. We’re proud to be part of the organizational work involved in promoting healthy habitats and sustainable farming practices.