Bluebird Grain Farms

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April News and Announcements

Save the date! September 6th, Labor Day weekend Bluebird Grain Farms will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary with a farm to table dinner in partnership with  Twisp Works on their campus in Twisp Washington. Local food purveyors, producers and guest chefs will be highlighted in a celebratory meal to mark the bounty of harvest and 10… Continued

April Farmer Notes

Now that our first hummingbirds have arrived and our apricot tree has bloomed it is time for real April to settle in here on the Rendezvous: nighttime temps in the 20’s, 20 mph wind, fresh snow in the mountains. Ahhh… I knew spring wouldn’t let us down – the only season colder than winter here!… Continued

Customer Profile: Esteban Garcia of Rainbow Grocery

Morning came early for Esteban Garcia’s mother when he was growing up. “On days she wasn’t working, she would up early getting breakfast ready before the roosters were even up,” says Garcia, who now heads up the public relations and bulk hiring committees at San Francisco’s Rainbow Grocery . The reward of being raised in a Mexican household,… Continued