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July 2016 Farmer Notes

Sitting here in the kitchen on a Sunday: Mid-day, mid month, rain falling, a cool breeze thru the screened windows, 65 degrees. This sums up how different this July has been for us here in the Methow; certainly in comparison to the past two years.  There are lightening flashes and thunder;  I’m hoping the moisture… Continued

July 2016 News and Announcements

Ancient grain promotion this week via our online store!  When it’s hot out, there’s no better way to enjoy whole grain farro than by combining it with seasonal vegetables and serving at room temperature with a delightful dressing. A perfect dinner or side-dish, and it doesn’t heat up the kitchen!  To celebrate, we’re running a 15%… Continued

Artichoke Heart, Kale & Farro Salad

Recipe yields 6 to 8 servings Ingredients: Salad  2 cups whole grain Emmer or Einka  farro, dry 4 bunches of  kale (approximately 16-18 stems), stems removed, coarsely chopped.  I like to combine Curly Kale and Tuscan Kale. 1 large shallot 1 14 oz. can artichoke hearts, rinsed, quartered & drained ( marinated artichokes work well… Continued