Organic Split Emmer Farro


Our split emmer farro is traditionally known as farro spezatto in Italy.  Our whole grain emmer is delicately split in half to reveal a heavy textured cracked grain, similar to bulgar wheat… but way more nutritious and flavorful.  It cooks in 20 minutes, is light and airy with a sweet, full-bodied flavor.  This highly versatile grain can be used in soups, salads, pilafs, and stuffings.

Here are some of our favorite split emmer farro recipes: Chicken Posole with Split Farro, Greek Vegetable Pie, and Split Farro Tabbouleh Salad.  See our website for more split farro recipes.



This ancient style of bulgur is literally split in half from our whole grain emmer.  It is traditionally known as Farro Spezzato in Italy. It cooks in 1/3 the time (20 minutes) and yields a light, airy cooked grain with tremendous flavor and soft texture. It is a great substitute for bulgur wheat. Instead of being cooked and dried like traditional bulgur,  it is raw and minimally processed to garner its tremendous nutritional properties. Use in cold salads, add to soups for texture, or sauté with olive oil, fresh shallots, and herbs to compliment a main dish. Cooking instructions included.

Organic Split Emmer Farro


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