Bluebird Grain Farms

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March 2017 Farmer Notes

According to the kitchen calendar, the first day of spring has arrived. The chorus of birds each dawn, starting down along the creek then spreading up through our meadows, is proof that they too trust this date to be so. Robins, finches, juncos, towhees, sparrow, chickadees, a meadowlark and already thrumming blue grouse add to… Continued

March 2017 News and Announcements

Spring is here! Bluebirds are returning and the snow is melting away, so we’re thinking about farming. Before we enter the whirlwind of field preparation and spring planting, we like to take time to reflect and give thanks for our family, friends, and customers. Thank you to everyone who makes Bluebird the amazing business it… Continued

Chicken Posole with Split Farro

Recipe by Brooke Lucy for Bluebird Grain Farms Posole is a delicious, hearty soup that can serve as a full meal unto itself. The split emmer farro’s light texture and quick cooking time is a perfect pair with the traditional hominy in this recipe. Ingredients: ‚Äč2 cups yellow onion, minced 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1… Continued