Bluebird Grain Farms

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March Farmer Notes

                   Springs Concerto                      The way a spring creek leaps    rolls and glistens    in the sharp, March sun;    each bubble     a gone-by snowflake    each turn    a great crawling out    from the white blanket    and such burrowing in.     New eyes blink- … Continued

Potlatch Pilaf Cake with Whole Grilled Tenderloin, Creamed Mushroom Mix & Sauté Greens

Serves 4 Compliments of Delicatus Restaurant Seattle, Chef Aaron Willis This fun cake is made by following the basic cooking instructions for  Bluebird Potlatch Pilaf (except reducing water by 1/4 cup) and adding our ingredients together to form the cakes. If you do not have Bluebird Potlatch Pilaf in your Pantry, you can substitute it with… Continued