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Join us for our Grand Opening on 11/19!

We are thrilled to be able to officially open our doors to all of our friends and neighbors who have patiently waited for the green light to visit. We would love to welcome you to visit any time between 9 am and 3 pm on Saturday, November 19th to say hi, pick up some products,… Continued

August Farmer Notes

August, month of the full Corn Moon; the Ricing Moon; the Harvest Moon – all names from various Native Americans – has come and nearly gone now.  True to form, August is the peak month for harvest of cereal grains around these parts of eastern Washington, as well as elsewhere.  I was reflecting on various harvests… Continued

Blueberry Fig Bars

Recipe and Photo courtesy of Sugar + Salt Co. The tangy tartness of the figs and lemon, coupled with the sweetness of the fresh blueberries and Sonora flour makes this recipe a hit for every palate! Soft and chewy, but with a little pop of texture from the fig seeds makes the consistency top notch.… Continued

Customer Profile: Punk Rock Bread

by Ashley LodatoBluebird Grain Farms staff writerphotos courtesy of Punk Rock Bread Punk Rock Bread co-founder Ian Beert loves bread, “always and forever,” but his wife, Andrea, wasn’t able to eat it. Like so many in the modern era, Andrea couldn’t digest gluten properly. Andrea had somewhat resigned herself to a life without bread, until… Continued

July Farmer Notes

That fast, the cool, moist spring and early summer seem to be of the deep past.  True to form, beginning around mid-month July began to kick up the heat.  As I tap these keys the mercury reads an even 100 degrees outside.  The 100’s seem locked in for the remainder of the week and the once… Continued

Marinated Cannellini Bean and Farro Salad

Serves 6-8 Copyright: Bluebird Grain Farms Ingredients 3 cups Cannellini beans (2 15 oz cans) 1 cup cooked Bluebird Whole Grain Emmer Farro 1/2 cup red onion, finely diced ⅓ cup olive oil Juice of 2 medium lemons  Grated zest of 1 medium lemon 2 cloves of garlic, finely minced 1 cup of flat leafed… Continued

June Farmer Notes

Wow! The cool, moist spring continued on right up to the Summer Solstice. As for this weather, this spring was a very different one than most. One that, by and large we’ve embraced. We are not alone. Although I still need a jacket some days for my morning cup on the south porch, the birds are just loving the lushness… Continued

Customer Profile: Seabiscuit Bakery

by Ashley Lodato, Bluebird Grain Farms staff writer photos courtesy of Seabiscuit Bakery Executive Chef and Seabiscuit Bakery owner Sieb Jurriaans was trained at Seattle Central Culinary Academy, but he comes from a Dutch family with a love of European cuisine. His younger years were spent on “Intimis,” a family estate in Holland. “Intimis” is… Continued

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