Bluebird Grain Farms

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Q:  What is a CSA? 

A:  CSA stands for community support agriculture.  Our Bluebird CSA consists of a community of individuals who purchase a monthly “grain share” ranging from 4 to 12 months in advance. We offer local pick-up or we ship to your door via UPS or USPS.  Each month you get to select the products you would like in your box.  Our CSA coordinator communicates with you each month to get your order for that month.  You can pick from any of our 1 or 2 lb packages.  Our CSA generally saves our customers about 15%.  For us, your pledge allows us to cover our anticipated costs and shipments ahead of time.  In return the consumer receives a discount for purchasing in “bulk” and committing to a monthly scheduled delivery.

Q:  If I join the CSA program and decide I do not need a shipment in a particular month, may I cancel that month?  If so, how?

A: It is our hope that folks will not cancel their monthly CSA. A CSA can be postponed a month or even gifted! You can also schedule a delivery for every other month if you find a monthly delivery is too much. For us, the important piece is that we know what to anticipate so that we can make our milling schedule and deliveries as consistent as possible.