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from Brooke

Many of you are used to a our blog posts in a much more timely manner…  The past few months has been a blur and our posts/newsletters have been somewhat irregular as we have been helping our employees keep up with our biggest month of sales yet. It’s been “all hands on deck” and reflections and blog posts have seem to go by the wayside. My apologizes for our delay and we hope to get back to our routine soon.

IMG_1493We would like to welcome our newest employee Hanz Scholz, who comes to us with manufacturing experience as well as running his own business, Bike Friday, in Eugene Oregon for several years. After Sam worked in the granary through December we both realized that we needed more help in not only physical labor and processing but also help in making our systems more efficient!  Hanz has introduced us to the “Toyota” method of manufacturing efficiency and the subsequent Lean Business Movement. This week Hanz helped us introduced to our employees 5S; a housekeeping process designed to have standardization and operator ownership/accountability for areas where improvements can happen.  We look forward to implementing this process in the next year.

Next week my daughter Larkin and I will be travelling to San Francisco to meet customers in the Northern California area.  We will be introducing our dinner line and hot cereals.IMG_0510

Thank you all for visiting our new website!  We have had wonderful feedback.  Our store sales seem to be stronger than ever. I am hopeful that we have addressed some of the previous issues in our old site.  You certainly should see better shipping rates, as we have overhauled our shipping calculation methods. If you don’t please call us!

Thank you all for your continued support we look forward to a year of growth, health,  and improvements in 2015!