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It’s now “officially” spring and we are excited to get to work on field preparation and planting! The snow is melting out quickly, but fortunately the soil is soaking it right up (we should have good soil moisture for seeding in a few months). It is still too wet to work in the fields so we have another few weeks before things get crazy around here. In the meantime we are enjoying the last few skis of the season and are also lacing up our hiking boots for the lower elevation trails.

In farming news, we are excited to fully utilize our tine weeder this spring. We purchased this unique tool last year and have hopefully worked out all the kinks (we do have a few minor repairs to make before we take it into the fields this year). When it’s working properly, it will allow us to lightly cultivate and clear weeds without disturbing the soil or bringing new weed seeds to the surface. In combination with our no-till seed drill, we are hoping the tine weeder will help us to reduce tillage and tractor time in the fields (good for the soil and keeping our fuel costs down!).

We unfortunately could not attend the annual Farmer-Fisher-Chef Connection (F2C2) event this spring, but we are honored that our Whole Grain Einkorn was featured at this excellent event. Madres Kitchen made an amazing Einkorn Salad With Seasonal Greens with it- wish we could have been there to try it out! Madres is a catering company that does a great job sourcing food from local producers- check them out if you are in need of something delicious for an event.

Bluebird is hiring for a Granary Operator/Millwright. Our current millwright Kevin is moving on to pursue his love of geology with a job in Alaska. Best of luck Kevin, and thanks for all your hard work! If you or anyone you know is interested, you can review the full position description here.

National Sourdough Bread Day is this Sunday, April 1st! To celebrate, we are hosting a photo contest on Instagram. To enter, post your best photo of a sourdough loaf, let us know what Bluebird flour you used, and tag #bluebirdgrainfarms anytime between now and midnight on April 1st. We will pick the winner on Monday, April 2nd and they will receive a $25 gift certificate in our online store.