Bluebird Grain Farms

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Bluebird Photo
Bluebirds scattered among Bitter Brush, Photo by Halley Hart.

Bluebirds have arrived, spring is here!

We now have best by dates on all of our packaging thanks to our shiny new automated “date code stamp heat sealer”.  Oh the joys of modern industry!  This has made Halley Hart, our packaging room manager, jump for joy!  It has taken two steps (labeling and sealing) and turned them into one.   Aaah, what pleasure we get doing these kinds of things.   Our general rule of thumb for setting a best by date is: for milled products such as flour and cracked cereals is about 6 months, for split grains it is 10 months and for whole grains we say a 16 months.  The most important part about using our grains is storing them properly.  The concern is not that they are going to go bad, rather, things can easily get into the bag like moths, etc…. so store all of our grains is a cool environment, in a tight, well sealed bag or container. If you live in a humid environment you may want to consider storing our grains and flour in the refrigerator.

Copy of Einka Review in Bon Appetit Magazine

Bon Appetit Magazine featured our Einka flour in their March 2015 issue.  I have yet to get my hands on a copy, but hear that it is a nice mention so thanks Bon Appetit! We are honored.

Our direct Wholesalers have been sent our 2015 price list.  If you are a direct wholesaler and have not received an updated price list please contact us.  Other news on the wholesale front is that we have launched our online ordering system. If you are an existing wholesaler with qualified terms you can now place your order on our website.