Bluebird Grain Farms

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May is always a busy month for us at Bluebird, but we have been loving the beautiful wildflowers and steady soil moisture in our fields. Our thoughts go out to those who have been adversely affected by the recent flooding in eastern Okanogan County. Thank you to all who work hard to keep our communities safe during events like these! Here are a few notes on what’s been going on at Bluebird the past few months:

Congratulations to Chef Edouardo Jordan for his James Beard Best New Restaurant 2018 and Best Chef: Northwest awards! Jordan has been a vocal supporter of local, sustainable farmers and we are honored to have our Emmer and Einkorn featured on his menus at Salare and JuneBaby restaurants. If you live in or are visiting Seattle, do not miss the chance to visit these establishments.

Bluebird Grain Farms Einka® Einkorn was featured at the Sunflower Trail Marathon this spring. The amazing Stew Dietz from Dietz Catering created unique and delicious “Sunflower Bowls” with fresh spring greens, roasted chicken, and Bluebird’s Einkorn. What a great way to recover from a race! Stew served over 1,000 of these bowls at the event. If you’d like Dietz Catering to help out at your event in the Methow Valley (they do an amazing job with weddings), you can get in touch here.

We were delighted to have the 8th Graders from Bellevue Christian School stop by to tour our granary. These enterprising students planned and executed their own trip through Okanogan County, all without the aid of smartphones. We were impressed with their thoughtful questions and entrepreneurial spirit. We hope there are some future farmers and business owners in this class!