News and Announcements

News & Announcements

Despite the cancellation of Expo West’s Natural Food Show in March, due to COVID-19,  Bluebird was honored to receive an award for three of our products. Nexty Awards, organized by the NEW HOPE NETWORK  announced on March 25th that three of our products won the Nexty Best New Organic Food Award.  Our Whole Grain Emmer, Whole Grain Einkorn, and  Einka and Lentil Blend received accolades and won the product category for the best new Organic Food Product. Chris McGurrin, of New Hope Network, wrote to us in an email:   “I don’t say this lightly and I don’t say this often – Bluebird is a true exemplification of the NEXTY Awards. To see innovation within the supply chain that offers people clean, delicious, nutritious food while revitalizing soil health, revitalizing agricultural communities, educating consumers on organic agriculture, and changing the narrative on how food should be grown is SO. AMAZING. I do hope others follow suit. Talk about integrity-driven, inspiring, and innovative.”

The New Hope Network writes, “The NEXTY Awards recognize excellence in the natural products industry, elevating impactful brands and products that inspire a healthy, sustainable future for people and the planetAt each Natural Products Expo, New Hope Network recognizes products that stand out within the judging criteria of innovation, inspiration, and integrity.”

Although we are sad that we did not get to receive this award in person at Expo West,  we are quite humbled and encouraged. We hope that the energy and excitement generated from this national award will keep our motivation to build our brand, and deliver the highest quality ancient grain products to our customers.

We are grateful to all of our staff including the”team” of high school and college students that stepped up to the plate to work for Bluebird in March and April. As an essential business Bluebird has been faced with some extraordinary challenges during the COVID-19 lockdown. We have had to rework our systems and put extra safety measures in place to operate efficiently and safely.  It has required extra effort on everyone’s part and we are grateful to our core staff and the students that came in after-hours to help with the extra workload.

Here are some fun photos of just some of our student staff members working hard.

We would like to introduce our new Operations Manager, Easton Brannon.  Easton started working for us at the end of January.  We are grateful for Easton’s organizational skills, team spirit, and the ability to identify and solve problems quickly. She is a wonderful addition to our team.

We have a full-time job opening for a millwright.   This job requires physical labor and the ability to keep track of many fast-moving parts.  For the full job description click here.

Shopping in our online store?  You will find that some of our flour and whole-grain products are out of stock intermittently.   Due to the high retail demand, we are only posting what we can process and mill each week.  All products are still offered to our current Wholesale customers.  We have a limited supply of the following items until September Harvest:  Methow Hard Red Wheat and Heritage Rye Berries, which is why these items are not offered in large volumes. Generally, we are reposting items back in stock by Friday of each week.  Gift boxes are temporarily out of stock.  If you are wanting a steady supply of our products your best bet is to subscribe to one of our 4 to 6 month CSA.  All flour items will be available through our CSA subscription.

Our top seller this month Einkorn Flour! I am so delighted to see this flour finally moving. It is an amazing all-purpose whole-grain pastry flour. Check out some of our wonderful Einkorn flour recipes on our recipe page.

We send good health and well being to our customers and supporters near and far.