Organic Whole Grain Emmer Farro

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Introducing our best seller- Whole Grain Emmer– a premium, ancient hulled wheat known as farro in Italian.  With 28 chromosomes of pure goodness, this unpearled, genetically simple ancient durum wheat is a great choice for grain bowls, salads and side dishes.


5.0 ratings

3 reviews

  1. Jan V. - September 18, 2023

    Delicious, chewy farro. We use it in soups, salads, and grain bowls. Wonderful quality!

  2. Michael W. - March 29, 2023

    Mixed with a different grain, it generates an exceptionally flavored levain. You will not get much oven spring doing a 100% Emmer boule, however the flavor remains outstanding. For reference I typically make a miche that is 95-97% extraction. When making a miche with emmer, I generally blend it around 25-35% Emmer. You could probably push 50%.