WHLS Organic Dark Northern Rye Flour – 25 lbs

Dark Northern Rye Flour, Fine-An earthy, pungent, light, airy, baking flour, 14% protein Our  rye is organically grown and milled fresh to deliver you the freshest, nutrient dense flour, farm direct.  It is a “whole grain” flour milled in a medium grind that elevates bran and fiber for texture.  Its bold, earthy aromatic qualities open when incorporated into classic fermented and quick breads.

25 lbs


Dark Northern Rye Flour – Our rye flour’s flavor is superb: bold, sweet, and earthy aromatic qualities are revealed when incorporated into classic fermented artisan breads, homemade pretzels, and quick breads. We mill it fresh for best flavor and nutrition.

25 lbs

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Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 16 in