Organic Pasayten White Wheat Berries

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For the home miller; grind your own premium whole grain flour with our organic  Pasayten Hard White Wheat berries. A high protein, high gluten whole grain.



Our Pasayten Hard White Wheat berries are plump, chewy, and mild in flavor. High in protein, 12-14% (depending on the growing season), and gluten. They can be cooked as a whole berry in 40-50 minutes or milled for a wonderful whole-grain all-purpose baking flour.  The perfect flour for yeast and sourdough bread.

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4 reviews for Organic Pasayten White Wheat Berries

  1. Ashley Hibbert (verified owner)

    Makes wonderful flour for all of my bread recipes! Resulted in the best home-milled flour I have tried! Love that this is organic, local, very affordable, and arrived very quickly. Thank you BlueBird Farms!

  2. Michael Weinstein (verified owner)

    The workhorse in my house. I have been home milling this wheat for two years and between the flavor, the protein content, and workability, is the wheat I have gone through the most. I have used around 150lbs in that time and the consistency between each harvest is impressive. If you are looking for a moderately high protein wheat berry for nearly all applications, this is it.

  3. Dave Donkersgoed (verified owner)

    I use this for making our bagels and sourdough bread. Easy to mill and has excellent flavor! Thanks Much Bluebird Farms for a great product!

  4. Emily Johnston (verified owner)

    Great for long fermented breads—I mix this half and half with emmer or einkorn, and get gorgeous and nutty, full-flavored loaves.

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