Organic Methow Hard Red Wheat Flour

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Methow Red Bread Flour, Medium – Our flour is milled fresh in a medium grind from our spring planted Methow Hard Red Wheat berries.  It has a slightly bitter flour with floral tones. Experience the difference of fresh milled flour in your baked goods, we promise you will never turn back!


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2 reviews

  1. pepper32 - January 9, 2024

    I'm a seasoned baker of sourdough, many types of breads and pastries. New to Bluebird Grain flours in the last 8 months, and finding the product wonderful. Completely different texture, reactivity and taste than "conventional" flours. Getting used to the changes in how to work with them compared to what I've been used to. I feel grateful that no pesticides or chemicals are used in their growth and harvesting. The Methow Red has a wonderful flavor and my family finds this their all time favorite daily bread. I use it for my Italian Pane de Casetta Boules and I make a few every week. Freezes fantastic.

  2. Monty C. - August 31, 2023

    Still experimenting with this flour but am using it more and more. Particularly like adding 3/4 - 1 C of this to the basic Julia Child sandwich bread recipe which transforms the recipe up a level or two. Adds a glorious crunch to the bread when toasted. No more gummy store-bought bread here.