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DSC_5804Ancient grain promotion this week via our online store!  When it’s hot out, there’s no better way to enjoy whole grain farro than by combining it with seasonal vegetables and serving at room temperature with a delightful dressing. A perfect dinner or side-dish, and it doesn’t heat up the kitchen!  To celebrateIMG_4719, we’re running a 15% off special on our whole emmer and Einka berries, and our split emmer farro (split emmer cooks a little faster than whole emmer so is a great option for speeding up prep time in the kitchen), along with many other Bluebird products.


We’re excited to introduce our new fruit syrups from Lopez Island Farms! Our former syrup supplier, Jerry Pipitone of Pipitone Farms has decided to retire and close down his operation. Best of luck with the next steps in your life, Jerry! Thank you for providing us with your amazing fruit syrup and spreads over the years. Lopez Island Farms is another great local producer located on beautiful Lopez Island, Washington. You should check them out if you’re in the San Juan Islands for a summer visit. We offer their Apple Cider Syrup, Marionberry Syrup, and Raspberry Syrup, all of which are hand-made from local fruit. They are all delicious on pancakes made with our signature emmer pancake and waffle mix, or check out their recipe page for more ideas on how to use these unique products.


As our business grows, so does our star team! We’re excited to introduce Sheah Mucci, our new Granary Lead Operator. Sheah comes from a wildland firefighting background, but has transitioned to Bluebird to build her farming and small business skills in the hopes of one day running her own farming operation. She takes care of everything from cleaning and hulling emmer and Einka to milling our whole grains into flour to hand-blending our tasty mixes.  It’s awesome to have a female in this position!


Brad Halm, who previously was our Granary Lead Operator has moved up the “augur” to help Brooke Lucy in marketing, PR, and overall customer management. Brad offers a wonderful balance of critical thinking, follow through, and vision. Brad has a keen IMG_4818interest in food production and processing. He’s written two books on vegetable gardening (High-Yield Vegetable Gardening and Food Grown Right, In Your Backyard) and also co-owns an edible landscaping business called The Seattle Urban Farm Company. 

Looking for stores that carry Bluebird Grain Farms products in the Seattle Metro area?  Click here for a list! Thank you to all the retailers out there that support organic agriculture and family farms.  Not all stores carry all of our products, so be sure to call ahead if you’re looking for something in particular.

As demand grows for our nutrient dense, organic grains, our need for grain has increased; now more so than we can produce on our own land. We’ve worked hard to find more land or partner farms here in the Methow Valley, but unfortunately with little success. To stay true to our biological farming principles and to maintain a consistent supply of top quality organic grains, we’ve decided to look outside the valley and partner up with some like-minded organic eastern Washington growers. We’re excited to introduce our new Bluebird Grain Farms partner farmers: Jay and Chuck Goldmark, Alyssa Barrett, Kayla McIntyre and Mira Goldmark , and Tom Stahl! Tom, a lawyer, farmer, and ardent advocate for a GMO-free food supply, hails from Waterville, WA and is growing out Pasayten Hard White spring wheat for us. The Goldmarks are the third generation of a wheat farming family growing our Methow Hard Red wheat for us on their family land on the Okanogan Plateau.  You can read more about this exciting development in Sam’s Farmer Notes. Expanding the market for organic grains has always been a goal of ours; we look forward to new relationships and a strengthened community of organic growers!

Goldmark Family
Double J Ranch- from left: Mira, Jay, Alyssa, Kayla, and Chuck.  Photo credit: Double J Ranch