Organic Emmer Farro Products

Emmer Farro is an ancient wheat, the mother grain to all  modern durum wheat varieties.  It is low in gluten and high in protein, fiber, and trace minerals.  As a whole grain, it has a delicious nutty flavor and delightfully toothsome texture perfect for grain salads, soups, and pilafs. When milled, it’s sweet flavor with caramel undertones adds depth to baked goods. Our certified organic emmer is grown under strict regenerative farm practices and never pearled for maximum nutrient density. We clean and process our grains to order so you can experience how freshness elevates flavor.

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  • Organic Whole Grain Emmer Farro

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  • Organic Emmer Flour

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  • Organic Split Emmer Farro

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  • Organic Cracked Farro Porridge, Emmer Farro, Einkorn, & Spelt, Breakfast Shop, Emmer

    Organic Cracked Farro Porridge

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  • Organic Emmer Pancake & Waffle Mix

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  • Organic Old World Cereal Blend

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  • Emmer Farro, Einkorn, Spelt

    Ancient Grain Flour Sampler

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  • Ancient Grain Dinner Line Sampler – Save over 10%

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  • Methow Breakfast of Champions Box

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  • Emmer Farro, Einkorn, & Spelt; Potlatch Pilaf; Einka & Lentils; Bluebird Gifts

    I Love Farro Box

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  • Simple Pancake and Syrup Box

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  • Emmer Farro, Einkorn, & Spelt; Wheat & Rye: Einkorn Flour; Emmer Flour

    Bluebird Flour Sampler Gift Box

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  • Organic Potlatch Pilaf

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  • Bluebird Flour Sampler -Try 5 of Bluebird’s Whole Grain Flours

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