Organic Cracked Farro Porridge


This whole grain cereal is made from our Emmer, milled to a fine “crack”  to bring you a sweet, nutty hot cereal or porridge in just 12-15 minutes! It also can be prepared as a savory polenta. This hot cereal with give you more flavor than oatmeal and is packed with nutrition that will sustain you throughout your day. Children love this hot cereal!



Bluebird Emmer is finely cracked to provide you with a hot cereal, porridge, or polenta that is reminiscent of the old world. It cooks on the stove top in 12-15 minuets and reveals a sweet nutty flavor that is nutritious, high in fiber, and smooth in texture. Cracked Emmer can also be cooked in a broth and served as polenta topped with a savory sauce, a common dish in Northern Italy.

Cracked Farro Porridge Nutrition Facts

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