Organic Sonora Heritage Soft White Wheat Flour


Our whole grain, organic Sonora Heritage Soft White Wheat Flour is most commonly used for tortillas in the borderland region of Sonora, Mexico. This grain of antiquity yields a perfect all-purpose flour, for everyday use. Soft, slightly sweet, milled in a fine grind.

Protein: 10.6%  Use: Quick breads such as muffins, cakes, biscuits, pancakes, and additives to yeast and sourdough breads for flavor.





Sonora Heritage Soft White Wheat, also known as Sonora Blanca (Spanish), has persisted in the rural villages of Sonora Mexico since the late 1600s. Over the years White Sonora Wheat prompted a shift in the use of flour tortillas over corn tortillas in the “Borderland Cuisine,” referring to the shared food culture of northwest Mexico and the southwest United States. Its cultural antiquity has inspired a resurgence of the crop. Artisanal bakers favor it due to its sweet, rich, buttery flavor, its low protein, and light, airy texture; making it particularly good for pastry and quick bread applications. Our Sonora flour is 100% whole grain flour, it contains all the germ, bran and endosperm ( all the nutrients), nothing is extracted. Milled fine.

10.6% protein, 8% moisture content, low gluten-forming properties.

Follow this link for more detailed information on  Sonoran Wheat from the Slow Food USA.

To learn about its cultural history and uses in Sonora Mexico we encourage you to watch Pati’s Mexican Table’s Tucson: Gateway to Sonora

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